Sandton Real Estate

For the love of property

Home Owner

We would like to offer you easy access to all the essential services every home owner requires from time to time. Find all property related business listings in and around Sandton here.

  Sandton Building Contractors

Building Contractors

Building your dream home? We can connect you to a vast array of accredited and reliable home improvement and building contractors, in and around Sandton. Find useful articles to help ensure you have all your bases covered.

  Sandton Garden and Landscaping Specialists

Garden and Landscaping Services

Do you wish your front yard welcomed you home? Create a landscape design that revives your spirit – Find a complete list of all Garden and landscaping services in and around Sandton as well as useful “do it yourself” articles.

  Sandton Home cleaning services

Home Cleaning Services

For a wide range of professional cleaning services. From carpet and upholstery to general home cleaning services and everything in between.

  Sandton Home decor and design specialists

Home Decor and Design Specialists

Looking for new inspiration or the professionals to get the job done, we have got you covered. Find a complete list of all home design specialists in and around Sandton.

  Sandton Home Insurance and Financial advisors

Home Insurance and Financial Advisors

Not only will a good policy save you money in the event that something happens to your home or belongings, an insurance company can also help you with other matters, like making your home more resistant to natural disasters. Find useful information and Insurance/Financial business listings in Sandton.

  Sandton Home Security and Safety

Home Security and Safety

Home security should be important to everyone whether you live in a house or an apartment, even if you have outstanding public safety agencies in your area. Find a list of all home security specialists in and around Sandton as well as vital tips to protect yourself and your family at home.

  Sandton Relocating Services

Furniture Removal and Relocation Services

Planning on relocating? Get a comprehensive list of moving companies specialised to take care of all your moving requirements as well as useful tips to help ease the transition.

  Sandton Community - Municipal Services

Municipal Services

For a complete list of municipal contact information on a variety of matters pertaining to your Sandton property, as well as complaints, problems, requests or general enquiries.

  Sandton Painting Specialists

Painting Specialists

Need a colour makeover for your property? Find all the business listings for painting specialists in and around Sandton, as well as useful “do it yourself tips and tricks”.

  Sandton pest control services

Pest Control Services

A list of all the pest control specialists in and around Sandton to help you get rid of any annoying pest problem. Find useful “do it yourself” tips and tricks.

  Sandton Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing and Electrical Specialists

For all those plumbing,  electrical or household maintenance requirements that you are searching to have satisfied by the professionals. Find all the business listings in Sandton as well as useful articles that might just come in “handy”.

 Pool Cleaning and Equiptment

Pools, Ponds and Water Features

A luxuriously sparkling swimming pool or healthy, clear pond is a subtle and beautiful way to complete your
dream home. Within this page, find useful tips on maintaining your pool and business listings in and around
Sandton if ever you need a professional’s helping hand.

  Sandton Property Law services

Property Lawyers

Need some advice regarding buying or selling? Find conveyancing attorneys that specialise in property transfers, bond registrations and generally all types of conveyancing matters and property law.


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